3. Submit Your Sites to Search Engines

To gain more visitors and drive traffic to your site after you publish it on the Internet, you need to submit it to search engines. Before the site submission, you can improve the site ranking in search results by the following content optimizations:

  • Include in the text contained in your web pages the frequently searched keyword phrases, which are relevant to the topic of your site. For example, mention your product or a topic of your interest several times in the text on a web page.
  • Add relevant keywords to the <title> and <meta> tags. Some search engines look for keywords and descriptions in meta tags placed within web pages, and present these keywords in search results.

For example, if you are selling hosting automation software, then you can include the following tags in HTML pages of your website:

<TITLE>Ordering hosting automation software
<META name="keywords" content="order,hosting,software">
<META name="description" content="Ordering Hosting Automation Software">

Separate the keywords with a comma without white spaces.

After you optimize the website and publish it to your customer account, submit it to search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other engines that you know to be popular in your country.